Step 1 - Check Server Requirements

Make sure that all requirements are passed (Green color) before moving to Step 2.

  • PHP version 5.6 or above (PHP 7.0 or above recommended): current version 5.6.40 -> PASS
  • ionCube Loader version 10.2 or above: current version 10.3.9 -> PASS
  • External requests enabled: -> PASS - both file_get_contents and cURL are working
  • memory_limit directive set to at least 256M: -> PASS - it is set to 512M
  • Required PHP extenstions:
    • iconv extension is loaded
    • json extension is loaded
    • mbstring extension is loaded
    • mysqli extension is loaded
    • session extension is loaded
    • SimpleXML extension is loaded
    • xmlreader extension is loaded
    • zip extension is loaded

Step 2 - Download Install Package

Enter the license email (the email address used on purchase), PHP version and ionCube Loaders version in the boxes below. These will be pre-filled automatically when possible.

Click on the button to download the appropriate install package for your server settings. Unzip this package on your computer.
Upload all files and folders from the "V5 Install" directory in the package on the server (use Filezilla FTP client or File Manager utility from cPanel or any other FTP utility) and then return to this page and continue with Step 3.

If using File Manager from cPanel you can also upload a ZIP archive with all files and directories in the "V5 Install" folder (without the "V5 Install" folder, just the contents of it), then choose the option to "Extract" in the install location.

Step 3 - Set File Permissions

Using Filezilla FTP client or File Manager utility from cPanel or any other FTP utility set write permissions to the following files and directories:
  • write permissions (666) to db_params.php file from the "lib" directory
  • write permissions (666) to license.php file from the "license" directory
  • write permissions (777) to the following directories
    • mobiledata/cache
    • smarty/templates_c
    • phpbrowscap/BrowserCache
    • WURFLres
    • WURFLres/storage/cache
    • WURFLres/storage/persistence

You can see examples on how to do this in Filezilla and File Manager in the images from the right.
File Permissions 1
File Permissions 2

Step 5 - Finish the Install

In the form below enter the database details and the license email, then click on the button.
Once the install is complete you will be redirected to the login page. Login using "admin" as both username and password.